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Upcoming Cheese Making Classes!
St. Louis, Missouri
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Sat/Sun Jan 20-21, 2018

About my new book
Step-by-step directions & photos for Making Nearly Every Type of Cheese"

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MERRYLCHEESE is a cheesemaking virtuoso, and you can be too.

I am Merryl Winstein, and for 22 years I raised dairy goats and made cheese in suburban St. Louis, Missouri, USA.

Listen to my recent interview at, the Earthworms Show with Jean Ponzi.

I started loving cheese as a teenager when I traveled alone to Denmark to visit my penpal and live with her family. There I ate phenomenal cheeses that weren’t available here at home. Those flavors inspired a lifelong journey of learning and then teaching the time-honored, traditional, and professional methods for making fabulous tasting cheese.  

I’ve taught a few thousand people how to make delicious, authentic, artisan cheese of all types. Whether you've never made cheese before, or your cheese needs improvement, it's easy to learn the accurate yet simple techniques that will empower you to make wonderful cheese successfully, whether at home or in the plant. (Class info, scroll down.)

My new book!  “SUCCESSFUL CHEESEMAKING™, Step-by-Step Directions and Photos for Making Nearly Every Type of Cheese” (2017).  Phew - 8 years of labor OVER! With 670 pages and 800 photos, it’s like having a knowledgeable teacher right by your side, guiding your hands the whole way from milking and milk care, through safety steps, to making and ripening all kinds of cheese. You'll actually see how it's done at every step. There are 25 pages of Frequently Asked Questions (actually asked at my workshops), how to make 3 kinds of cheese presses, plus cheesemaking as-you-go charts, a glossary, suppliers, and a 30 page index. (BUY book here) (INFO, book reviews, here)

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"During the first three hours of Merryl's class and glancing through her new book, I learned more than I have in 10 years of trying to teach myself cheesemaking." Happy participant, May 2017.

CHOOSE Saturday, Sunday, or both.
Cheesemaking Classes in St. Louis, Missouri USA
Prices, times, location, scroll down.

Contact me to host a class where you live.

Sat/Sun JAN 20–21, 2018, St. Louis, MO

French Tomme
British Bandaged (cloth-wrapped) Cheddar
Hand-ladled Ricotta

Blue Cheese
Traditional Mozzarella (NOT the quickie citric acid kind)
Hand-ladled Ricotta

Your 50-page direction book tells how to do everything, including other cheeses like Chevre, Yogurt, and Sour Cream. When there's time, I demonstrate those too.

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Kids through adults, beginners and experienced, attend my classes. Class details, scroll down.

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Never made cheese before?
Tried cheesemaking and still have lots of questions?

Have fun learning  a full array of accurate traditional and professional cheesemaking techniques in every class, meet like-minded people, and go home ready to make all your favorites!
  Methods taught apply to cow's, goat's, and sheep's milk.

Get your hands into cheese making. See, feel, and smell the changing textures and aromas which go along with the scientific explanations. Learn the different "clean breaks" for different kinds of cheese. Find out why correct milk cooling entirely affects the flavor and success of your cheese.

See, feel, and memorize the correct curd texture at draining. Understand how to monitor and control acidity and pH, moisture, temperature, and salt, in order to create consistently delicious cheeses. Discuss goats, cows, sheep. Be boggled but happy with all this new information. And enjoy make new friends.

You will NOT bring home cheese. You WILL bring home knowledge & confidence, plus a complete, 50-page direction booklet for making all your favorites. And you will get your questions answered!

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Cheese making class with Merryl Winstein in St. Louis, Missouri 63108

TIME: 8:30am-5pm

PRICE$185 one day, one person, or save $25, sign up for both days or two people same day: $345 (in St. Louis)

WHERE: St. Louis, Missouri 63108, USA,
Near St. Louis University, Forest Park, BJC Hospitals, IKEA, and Whole Foods St. Louis City (on Euclid & West Pine).
OR, I will teach at your location. Write to me for details.

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about Merryl Winstein, Cheesemaker, St. Louis, Missouri.

Merryl Winstein, St. Louis MO Cheese Maker

Many groups of all ages and backgrounds have visited my backyard goats & dairy over the years. I have given talks and hand-on workshops on TV and radio, at universities, museums, schools, stores, libraries, farms, farmers’ markets, conferences, bookstores, festivals, homes, and community spaces. Some highlights, with links when possible, include:

Acres USA

Avery School (Webster Groves, MO)

the College School (St. Louis, MO)

Dairy farms (IL, MI, MO)

Earth Dance Farm (MO)

Earthworms Radio Show Nov 24, 2017 (KDHX-FM 88.1, St. Louis, MO)(, St. Louis, MO)

Edgar Road School (Webster Groves, MO)

Goatsbeard Farm (MO)

Greentree Festival (Kirkwood, MO)

Illinois Times (Springfield, IL)

Kirkwood Farmer's Market (MO)

Kitchen Conservatory (MO)

Lincoln's Log Cabin State Park (IL)

Living St. Louis, Goat Lady video (KETC-TV, 2008, St. Louis, MO)

Pacific MO Library, Making Mozzarella with Kids (Pacific, MO)

McKinley School (St. Louis, MO)

Midwest Living, March/April 2012

Missouri Life Magazine, Feb/March 2012, page 58 (see below)

Missouri Botanical Garden, adult classes (MO)

Missouri Botanical Garden, Kids in the Kitchen, Aug. 2017 (MO)

Oasis Walking Tours (St. Louis, MO)

Sauce Magazine Food Festival (Shaw Nature Reserve, Gray Summit, MO)

Sauce Magazine, 2009

Sauce Magazine, Nov. 2010

Slow Foods (Maplewood, MO)

St. Louis Jewish Light, 2010

St. Louis Post Dispatch, 2010

St. Louis University (MO)

Seasons Magazine, 2009

Washington University, (St. Louis, MO)

Webster Groves Garden Club (MO)

Whole Foods (St. Louis, MO)

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