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My Cheesemaking Training

Posted 1/15/2015 4:10pm by Merryl Winstein.


Some of the cheesemaking notions people have are truly absurd, but of course, who would know? Even now the information can be scarce and hard to find for most people. Misinformation printed in books and then repeated over and over on the internet adds to the confusion. I took a years to find out what to do, but you don't have to waste all that time searching, because I will teach you all I can.  I have made just about all the mistakes that can be made already, in the 22 years I have owned dairy goats, so I know what you are up against.

Of course you will be able to make good, tasty cheese once you see and get your hands into the correct cheesemaking methods and get your questions answered at my cheese making classes.

Here I’ve listed my formal cheesemaking training. I have learned so much from my generous cheesemaking teachers.

2009 Fall Vermont Institute for Artisan Cheese
3 weeks of all-day classes including
Italian and Mediterranean Cheesemaking
Scamorza, Mozzarella, Kefalotyri, Manouri, etc.
Essential Principles & Practices

Quality and Chemistry of Milk
Cheese Chemistry Short Course
Starter Cultures Hygiene & Food Safety
Affinage Behind the Scenes
Basic Sensory Evaluation

June 2009 with Jim Wallace
Traditional Cheddar, Camembert, & Vacho Toscano

March 2010
Washed Rind Cheeses

with Gianna Ferguson & Tim Cogan from Ireland

Fall 2010 with Jim Wallace
Alpine Cheeses, Beaufort, Fontina

Fall 2010 Vermont Institute
French Alpine Cheeses, Comte, Abondance, and washed rind cheeses

April 2011 Vermont Institute
French Blue Cheeses

September 2011
Spanish Cheese, Manchego,
with Ric Canut

April 2012 Vermont Institute
Blue Cheeses, Affinage, Cheese Plant Construction

Summer 2012 with Peter Dixon
Affinage (Ripening), and touring Vermont cheese plants

July 2014 Danish Cheeses with Arne Fokdal
Danbo, Havarti, Maribo
Touring Danish artisan cheesemaking plants